Core Values / Giving Back

Accountability: We like to have fun around here, but we also take our jobs seriously. And that job is to always provide you, our customer, with top notch product. This includes quality of the product, customer service, dependability, innovation, and everything else to ensure your needs are met.

Teamwork: We strive to work in an agile and cohesive environment to ensure everyone's ideas are heard, and all of our team goals are met. 

Customer Focus:


Creativity: Our least favorite word around here is complacency. We know the industry we are in, and we know that each year brings new trends and new styles. We spend countless time researching, developing, and manufacturing original new items that we can be proud of each season.

Integrity: Above all else, integrity is at the core of our business. We will always operate in accordance with our deepest morals & principles. Integrity is the foundation of Ocean Beach and we will never take that for granted.

Sustainability / Giving Back:  We pride ourselves by blending our core values of innovation and sustainability to deliver eco-friendly products to our customers. Some of the ways we do this include:

    • Minimizing excess waste by reusing packaging as much as possible
    • Reclaiming and reusing print screens to limit unnecessary waste and conserve water
    • Donating a % of our profits to the National Park Foundation to help conserve our beautiful and native parks
    • Prioritizing e-catalogs and paperless offices to reduce our carbon footprint
    • Sourcing recycled apparel as much as possible